venerdì, 13. settembre 2019, Australia, Field Day: Understanding Land-Use as a function of the soil, and other regulatory constraints

Da 13. settembre 2019 - 11:00 Fino 14:00
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The Victorian Branch invites you to a Field Day
Small parcels of land are usually bought by enthusiastic people who are intent on ‘running a small hobby farm’. However, enthusiasm is fantastic, but these new landowners generally need to consult with various advisors as to the ‘possibilities’ for land-use.
Some may receive advise from agronomists as to the correct fertilizers and amendments to produce suitable crops or pasture.  Whilst this will suffice for many situations, as soil scientists, we are able to provide a greater depth of understanding of the land and landscape.
Firstly, by studying a soil pit, the soil scientist and landowner can gain a greater understanding of the depth of soil, likely water-holding, drainage as well as the fertility. Importantly, this should enable the landowner to improve productivity and environmental stewardship. In this excursion, participants can view soil pits located on a toposequence, thus gaining some insight into the geomorphology and soil profile development.
Registration Fee includes Lunch, however you will need to make your own arrangements to get to and from the soil pit sites (with specific locations provided via email a week prior to the event) 
For further information contact:  Dr Gary Clark, Department of Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences, Agribio, La Trobe University, 

Field Day: Understanding Land-Use as a function of the soil, and other regulatory constraints, Australia evento

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