mercoledì, 28. agosto 2019, Webinar, Putting Safety at the Heart of Services (Using EQ to build Trust in Education & Health)

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Putting Safety at the Heart of Services (Using EQ to build Trust in Education & Health)

Why do relationships matter? How do we connect? What role does EQ play?
These and other powerful questions will be discussed during this webinar by our experts.
The conversation will focus on attachment, neuro-development and the impact on social, emotional and cognitive development; trauma-informed approaches to services will be also presented and connected to the importance of building trust, being open, allowing oneself to be vulnerable, being respectful and kind.
Knowing yourself better, knowing others better is underpinned by what EQ is, and how we can start to use it more intentionally to explore relationships and connections.

When: August 28th, 7 pm Rome/Paris CEST   World Times
How: RSVP to register (Webinar will be held in English)

Lisa Cherry 
Author | Speaker | Trainer 
Trauma, Recovery and Resilience
Lisa Cherry is an author and a leading international trainer and consultant, specialising in assisting those in Education, Probation, Social Care and Adoption and Fostering to understand trauma, recovery and resilience for vulnerable children, young people and their families. Lisa has nearly 30 years experience in this field and combines academic knowledge and research with professional skills and personal experience. Lisa has recently completed research on the impact of exclusion on children who were looked after away from home in the 1970's and 1980's. It is this research that Lisa will present on, informing practice and building on understanding the power of relationships. 

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Ruth Whiteside 

Ruth has twenty years experience in primary phase teaching and leadership. After completing her M.Ed. in Primary Leadership Enquiry, she left teaching to concentrate on her passion for coaching and mentoring using emotional intelligence as the 'hook'. Implementing a social emotional curriculum in schools benefits teachers and pupils, families and governors - and thus will support schools as they tackle ever-increasing mental health issues. 

Ruth is also a speaker and trainer in the field of Adverse Childhood Experiences and their impact on brain development. Enabling public service workers the opportunity to understand what lies at the heart of challenging behaviours is key to informing trauma-sensitive practice and developing compassion and respectful relationships.

Putting Safety at the Heart of Services (Using EQ to build Trust in Education & Health), Webinar evento

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