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Metropolitan City of Rome

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Earn 70% on each of your affiliates!

I present the affiliate system {WORLDUNITY} we pay 70% for each of your affiliates who register under your affiliate link and buy the Pro package.
The payment of the package purchase is made through PayPal, the safest payment system in the world,and payments for your earnings are the same as sent via PayPal.
The Payment made it once a week, with PayPal, the minimum to be paid and 30 $.
The affiliate system is not a monthly subscription, if you decide to stay in the affiliate system you have to buy it every month, so you have the freedom to decide how long you stay in the system.
The Pro-Affiliate package, apart from offering you the possibility of earning money, also offers you Web Traffic, to promote your eventual Marketing activities.
Look at the picture below to understand more.

See the photo below to find your affiliate link!

Use this material and write the information in your language, so your friends in social networks understand you better!
 Social #Media Similar to #Facebook Shares 70% of Income with Users

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I present the #affiliation system, more profitable on the web. Our #affiliation system is very simple. #Earn 70% of all your affiliates.
Facebook earns an average of $ 3 billion in advertising and does not pay a penny you have its users. We want to help the people of the Earth, We want to share 70% of our earnings with you,  FOREVER . 
Together we can create a better world, a world based on the good of others, this and my objective, to create this Social Media for the good of all humanity. 

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The Social Network Revolution, Metropolitan City of Rome evento

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