giovedì, 21. giugno 2018, Mare Milano, REScoop PLUS - Italian National Workshop

Da 21. giugno 2018 - 9:00 Fino 15:30

Mare Milano

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30 Partecipanti
Descrizione evento, Enostra and REScoop PLUS would like to invite you to the Mare Milano for a National Workshop on Energy Efficiency
REScoop PLUS is looking to make REScoops in Europe go beyond their activities of producing and supplying energy and take up energy savings for their members as a new pillar in their organisation.
The Energy Efficiency Toolkit brings together selected, tested and graded best practices to support Energy Efficiency in REScoops. The National Workshop Tour is bringing the Energy Efficiency Experts of REScoop PLUS in 6 European countries to present the Toolkit and help REScoops to deploy those best practices.
Lunch will be provided to the participants.

REScoop PLUS - Italian National Workshop, Mare Milano evento

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